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    高純水專用強堿陰離子交換樹脂 HPWA-200

      高純水專用強堿陰離子交換樹脂 HPWA-200

      High purity water special strong base anion exchange resin HPWA-200
      Technical requirements:
      Appearance: light yellow transparent spherical particles
      Factory form: OH type

      Physical and chemical properties:

      HPWA-200 resin is a gel structure i.e. with a strong base anion exchange resin. After special purification treatment and a high degree of transformation, with high exchange capacity and good physical and chemical stability. The HPWA-200 resins suitable for high purity water system hydroxide anion exchange bed and HPWC-100 resin mixed bed system, pure water system for a reverse osmosis and mixed bed ion exchange pure water system and power plant condensate all areas of preparation of high water, has a good application effect. The resin OH-type transition rate is high, exposure will absorb carbon dioxide in the air for a long time, thus affecting the performance and the use of the product. Once open the package as soon as possible, not required to be carefully sealed. In addition, the product is not subject to direct sunlight or exposure.


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